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6 December 2015 9:03 pm

It’s a Christmas miracle! It has only taken all year, but Tony finally got Meg’s Twitter handle correct (@TexanMeg)!

Twenty days out from Christmas it is ‘that’ time of the year where social platforms look back on ‘the year that was’ and release annual rankings and such.

Model Kendall Jenner took out the number one spot in Instagram’s top 10 ‘most liked’ photos of 2015. The Kardashian/Jenner’s ‘love heart hair’ post attracted a whopping 3.2million likes (her younger sister Kylie was not far behind her taking out third place).

It has been a massive year for Taylor Swift, and frankly, the superstar is well on her way to total world domination. Unsurprisingly, Ms Swift was all over the Instagram’s annual ranking securing five out of the top 10 most liked photos for the year.

Three of her five photos were of her cats, adding more fuel to the suspicion that internet cats (and their people) may also be taking over the world.
In more Instagram news, the platform has (finally) launched a ‘multiple log in’ feature allowing users with more than one account to be able to switch between profiles with relative ease. No more remembering multiple, ridiculous 21-character passwords, hooray! A massive step in the right, ‘brand-friendly’ direction!

Facebook has also jumped on board the end of year launch train, (slowly) rolling out live streaming for the masses (it was previously only used by a select number of celebrities and high profile users).

Initially the ‘live video’ feature will be available only to a small percentage of people in the US and will be limited to iPhones but over time will be released to all users.

The stream will display the number of live viewers, the names of friends who are watching and real-time comments as they are written. The video will be saved to users’ timelines until they choose to delete them. Definitely something to look forward to!

Live streaming is set to explode in 2016, particularly around live events. So, make sure your phone has plenty of charge and be prepared to get amongst it.

Another topic destined to pop up again in the New Year is privacy. Social media has let us ‘big brother-ise’ ourselves and people are increasingly aware of this, thanks mostly to the number of large-scale hacks and data breaches in 2015.

As a result, most of us are concerned about personal privacy and finding a way to have more control over personal content – much of the reason why Snapchat has taken off in 2015; the perception of increased privacy and control.

In 2016 it is worth watching to see how technology and social platforms navigate this growing concern.

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