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24 January 2021 3:11 pm

It’s been another big week in the world of social media news. But has it all been good or bad news?

I joined Harvey Deegan last Saturday night on 6PR to have a chat about everything going on in the wild world of social media news.

While the internet and social media news might have felt a little bit quieter than usual in the last few days, the world’s biggest internet giant made massive headlines in Australia this week.

On the back of Australia is introducing new laws that would see Google, Facebook, and other tech companies pay royalties to media outlets when then link to their content, Google has threatened to pull Google search from Australia.

While that seems like a pretty exteme option for the tech giant, it’s hard to imagine an internet without Google. We all know Google is easily Australia’s largest search engine, so it’s an interesting move from the Australian Government, as they look for ways to try and regulate big tech companies.

Could Aussies be destined to browse the web via Bing? Only time will tell. Who knows, maybe we will all have to go back to Ask Jeeves.

In other news, if you’re looking for a new social media app, you might be interested in Clubhouse. It’s a relatively new, invite-only social media app, exclusive to the iPhone. While there’s nothing new about invite-only apps, what sets Clubhouse apart is that the app is also audio-only.

While I can’t be sure whether the app will take off or not, it’s certainly exciting to see new players enter the social media game.

What’s the deal with all the sea shanties popping up all over social media? You may have noticed social media apps like TikTok and Instagram being flooded with users singing sea shanties. What started this trend? Well, it all started with a Scottish postman going viral by singing a sea shanty on TikTok.

It’s defeinitely great to see something light-hearted and fun on the internet.

Missed the full chat? Listen below.

Social Media News with Meg Coffey • Harvey Deegan on 6PR
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