What is the Most Popular Pic on Instagram? | Social Media Trends with Tony McManus on 6PR

10 February 2018 7:12 pm

Once again Meg Coffey joins Tony Mac to talk about all things social media. This week on their radar is Logan Paul, Facebook trialling a down vote to crowd-source comments, Twitter making a profit for the first time in the business’ history as well as a few other random stories, including the most liked Instagram photo!

Earlier in the week, another scandal involving Logan Paul erupted, causing wide spread social media panic across all platforms. Logan Paul is a massive social media influencer and YouTube star, with over 16 million Instagram followers and 18 million YouTube subscribers. Recently, he has been in the media’s focus yet again, and not for doing anything positive.

His most recent scandal, after coming back from a brief YouTube suspension, is a video involving Logan tasering and playing with dead animals. The argument is, at what point does YouTube need to step in and completely stop this? What role does YouTube take in censorship or social responsibility? Is de monetising and suspending him temporarily enough?
Twitter has finally turned a profit for the first time ever this year! This milestone has come about due to a few changes that the social media sensation has made, like upping the character count to 280, making payroll changes and more regular log ins and tweets.

Facebook also has been making some quite significant changes recently, one idea being discussed is the implementation of a down vote button, much like the one being used on Reddit. A down vote button is very different to a “dislike” or “thumbs down”, it actually gives or takes away the credibility of the source in attempt to combat fake news.

In other news, Kylie Jenner, one of the infamous Kardashian sisters, has taken the crown for having the most liked Instagram photo in history. This comes about after announcing her secret pregnancy and posting the very first picture of her daughter, Stormi.

Listen to the full chat between Tony and Meg here.

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