Upskill & Chill with Sked Social

9 April 2020 11:24 am

It was great to partner up with the guys at Sked Social to deliver a series of webinars about communication and brand messaging in the time of COVID-19.

I’ve long been a fan and user of Sked so I was honoured when they reached out to see if I would be interested in bringing a series of webinars together.

From general messaging to tourism & hospitality, and ecommerce, we assembled a series of panelists who would be able to speak from the heart about their situation. I am so grateful I was able to tap into my network to find the right experts.

You can catch the recaps and video sessions here:

Communicating in uncertain times: A frank chat about brand messaging and keeping in touch with customers in the time of COVID-19
Where do we go now? A robust discussion about brand communications during a pandemic featuring Anne Shea, Matt Rosich and Hugh Stephens.

Tips and tricks in travel and tourism: what do we do when nobody is allowed to travel, and how do we survive as an industry?
A frank discussion about the impact of Coronavirus on the tourism industry featuring Natasha Mahar and Sonia Beckwith.

Shopping ain’t what it used to be: turning commerce on its head
A strategic chat about pivoting your business online and working in eCommerce featuring Tim Doyle, Hugh Stephens and Laura Dew.

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