Meg Coffey selected as judge for the 2017 Australian Web Awards

24 November 2017 6:23 pm

The Australian Web Awards is the Australian Awards for Australian Web Development. It especially recognises industry pioneers for their technical excellence.

This award considers and rewards the effort, communication, creativity and strategic development that goes into delivering an excellent site.
Meg’s role on the judging panel along with her other esteemed web industry peers will be to determine the best websites and digital agencies in Australia in 2017.

Meg says, “I am extremely honoured to be a part of this year’s panel of judges.  There is so much talent within the web space currently in Australia. I am excited to see what the industry are bringing to our desktops but also recognising and awarding agencies and developers who are innovating the web industry in Australia.”

Meg has extensive experience in the web space having managed websites and content in various roles and especially as the Managing Director of social media marketing constancy, Coffey and Tea.

“The right website is the starting point to harnessing the ‘people power’ for businesses. An excellent website is intuitive to the user and for the businesses is the foundation to a performing digital marketing strategy”, says Meg.

The awards dates back to 2005 in Western Australia and have been national since 2009.

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